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JMSDF – Where Are They Now?

As far as is possible, this section will provide the latest information on the whereabouts of surviving examples of withdrawn JMSDF aircraft, which can be found in places far removed from the cosseted shelter of aviation museums. Divided into fixed-wing and helicopter types, the information comes in the form of tables by aircraft type that are being interspersed with a growing number of photos.

All the aircraft listed are on open-air display unless otherwise stated; bold-type serial numbers indicate aircraft that appear in photos, usually immediately after the relevant table.

As a general guide, a colour-coded Where Are They Now? listing by prefecture, as far as possible updated to December 2020, follows the tabular aircraft information on this page [here].

US-1A Gifu-KakamigaharaThis US-1A is one of four aircraft that have guarded the entrance to what is now the Gifu-Kakamigahara
Air and Space Museum for more than 20 years. As the US-1A was withdrawn from service in December
2017, perhaps a way will be found for the last flying example to join the World War II-era
Kawanishi H8K
Emily flying boat at the JMSDF Museum in Kanoya. 

Formerly operated from the JMSDF’s Antarctic survey vessel
Shirase, this Mitsubishi-built
Sikorsky S-61A-1
(above) is displayed close to the main gate at Tateyama, Chiba Prefecture.
The removal of the base’s Sikorsky HSS-1N
(below) means that, as far as J-HangarSpace
is aware, none remain of the service’s 17 HSS-1/1N helicopters that dated back to 1958.

tateyama hss-1

(All photographs on this website are copyright J-HangarSpace
unless otherwise stated.) 

Fixed-Wing Types

Beech B-65/B-65P

Serial Location
6714  JMSDF Aviation Museum, Kanoya AB, Kagoshima Prefecture

 Hachigamine Park, Waki, Kuga District, Yamaguchi Prefecture


 Shimofusa AB, Chiba Prefecture

6723  Preserved at JMSDF Sasebo Police, Sakibemachi, Sasebo, Nagasaki Prefecture
6725  Iwakuni AB, Yamaguchi Prefecture
6726  Tateyama AB, Chiba Prefecture (Oct. 2013)
9101  (B-65P) At former operator Geospatial Information Authority of Japan, Tsukuba,
 Ibaraki Prefecture (Retains partial JMSDF markings)
 Last updated: Oct. 22, 2013

kanoya b-65Replacing the Beech SNB as the JMSDF’s standard basic instrument trainer, a total of 28 B-65s were operated from 1962 to 1991. The aircraft on display at Kanoya saw service with the 202nd Naval Air Training Squadron.

tateyamab65Handed over to the JMSDF on June 8, 1970, the B-65 now resident at Tateyama AB was withdrawn from service when based at Omura, Nagasaki Prefecture, on June 24, 1992. 

KunikazeThe former JMSDF B-65P at the Geospatial Information Authority of Japan in May 2012.
(Miyuki Meinaka via Wikimedia Commons) 

Beech SNB-5 (JRB-4)

Serial Location
6428  JMSDF Technical School, Shimofusa AB, Chiba Prefecture

 JMSDF Aviation Museum, Kanoya AB, Kagoshima Prefecture
 (sign wrongly gives aircraft as being an SNB-4)

 Last updated: Oct. 22, 2013

 kanoya snbThe anonymous SNB-5 at Kanoya was one of the 35 that were transferred from the U.S. Navy to the JMSDF in 1957. The type was phased out of service in 1966.

Beech T-34A Mentor

Serial Location
9002  Urban-Rural Exchange Centre, 70-15 Yamanogo, Nagara Town, Chosei District,  Chiba Prefecture

 Ozuki AB, Yamaguchi Prefecture


 Ohminato AB, Aomori Prefecture, bearing spurious serial “9025” (Sept. 2013)

9010  Komatsushima AB, Tokushima Prefecture
9012  JMSDF Aviation Museum, Kanoya AB, Kagoshima Prefecture
9013  Nyuzen Central Park, Nyuzen Town, Shimoniikawa District, Toyama Prefecture
 Last updated: Oct. 22, 2013

 kanoya t-34First operated by the Maritime Guard in 1953, prior to the JMSDF’s formation, a dozen T-34A Mentors saw service up until 1982. The aircraft initially displayed at Kanoya, 9006 was removed and replaced by 9012 in 2004. 

Beech TC-90

Serial Location

 (Fuselage resting on cradles, outer wings and propellers removed)
 Fire training airframe at Tokushima AB, Tokushima Prefecture
 (Sept. 2015)


 Replaced 6803 on display at Tokushima AB


 Tokushima AB dump (Sept. 2015)


 Tokushima AB dump (Sept. 2015)


 Operated by Philippine Navy as ‘390’ since March 2017 (link); YouTube (link)


 Damaged beyond economic repair by tsunami when at JAMCO for
 maintenance, Sendai, Ibaraki Prefecture, Mar. 11, 2011 (still present Dec. 2011)  

6824  Operated by Philippine Navy as ‘392’ since March 2017
6825  Handed over to Philippine Navy ownership Mar. 26, 2018* 
6826  (As 6825)
6827  (As 6825)
6828  Damaged beyond economic repair by tsunami when at JAMCO for
 maintenance, Sendai, Mar. 11, 2011
 (*) The third aircraft, ‘394’, was commissioned on May 29, 2018, but previous identity unknown.
 Last updated: Oct. 28, 2019

First Phil Navy TC-90The first ex-JMSDF TC-90 in full Philippine Navy markings. This aircraft was officially commissioned on
November 22, 2017, and followed by the second and third aircraft on March 18 and May 29, 2018,
respectively. All five aircraft are operated from the service’s Sangley Point base.
(Photo [January 2018]: The Philippine Fleet Facebook page)

Douglas R4D-6Q

Serial Location
9023  JMSDF Aviation Museum, Kanoya AB, Kagoshima Prefecture
 Last updated: Oct. 22, 2013

kanoya r4dA total of four R4D Skytrain aircraft were acquired in 1958. The last example had clocked up 20,000 flight hours by the time of its retirement in October 1972. 

Fuji KM-2

Serial Location
6243  Old Car Center, Naraha, Futaba District, Fukushima Prefecture
 (Note: Placed off limits following the March 2011 Fukushima Nuclear Power
 Plant disaster, the Old Car Center reopened in April 2016.)

 Ohminato AB, Aomori Prefecture, bearing spurious serial “9073” (Sept. 2013)


 Previously at local tourism association museum at 36-1 Shimizu,
 Kota, Nukata District, Aichi Prefecture 444-0124
 (Transported to Shimofusa AB, Chiba Prefecture, for disposal Nov. 2017,
 photo from Oct. 2018 [link])

6255  In storage awaiting assembly at Gifu-Kakamigahara Air and Space Museum,
 Gifu Prefecture (link)
6259  Tateyama AB, Chiba Prefecture (Oct. 2013)
6260  Outside at Onrakukan, Asakura, Fukuoka Prefecture (April 2017)
6263  JMSDF Aviation Museum, Kanoya AB, Kagoshima Prefecture
6264  Asahi Park, Hamada City, Shimane Prefecture
6272  Inside at Onrakukan, Asakura, Fukuoka Prefecture
6277  Hida Air Park, 2635-7 Nyukawacho Kitagata, Takayama, Gifu Prefecture 506-2133
6278  Hana no Ura Facility for the Disabled, 205-1 Hamakata, Hofu,
 Yamaguchi Prefecture 747-0833
6279  Fureai Hiroba (Friendship Plaza), Beppu Benten Ike Park, Shuho-cho, Mine City,
 Yamaguchi Prefecture 754-0603 (July 2012)
6288  Ishikawa Aviation Plaza. Komatsu Airport, Ishikawa Prefecture
6290  Hagi Activity Park, Kogihara, Sasanami, Hagi City, Yamaguchi Prefecture (July 2011)
6291  Fuji Heavy Industries Co., Ltd., Utsunomiya Plant, Tochigi Prefecture
6292  JMSDF Ozuki AB, Yamaguchi Prefecture
6293  On indoor display as instructional airframe at Ozuki AB, Yamaguchi Prefecture
6294  Possibly in store at JMSDF Ozuki AB, Yamaguchi Prefecture
 Last updated: May 12, 2018

JMSDF KM-2 KotaThe KM-2 formerly displayed at the museum run by the Kota Tourism Association in Aichi Prefecture.
(Photo: ‘Lombroso’ [Oct. 2006] via Wikimedia Commons)

kanoya km-2Fuji built a total of 64 KM-2 aircraft for the JMSDF; the type was in service from 1962 to 1998.
 tateyamakm2The service career of this former 201st Naval Air Training Squadron Fuji KM-2 lasted from
November 1969 to May 1984.

6260 JMSDF KM-2Now, strangely, at the Onrakukan sound and light museum in Asakura, Fukuoka Prefecture, KM-2 6260
was originally taken on charge by the JMSDF on January 30, 1975. Retired from active service with the
201st Naval Air Training Squadron on May 22, 1989, the aircraft has been perched on the tower shown,
which is even fitted with caterpillar tracks (scroll down here
 [link] ), since at least 2005. For as yet
unknown reasons, KM-2 6272 is braced puppet-like from the ceiling and mounted on stands close
to showcases of antique audio equipment and other artefacts inside the building
(Photo: Warren Hardcastle [April 2017]) 

JMSDF KM-2 6278Delivered on October 14, 1978, KM-2 6278 was finally retired from service with the 201st Naval
Air Training Squadron on March 31, 1993. At some point, the aircraft was placed on display at
the Hana no Ura facility for children with disabilities in Hofu, Yamaguchi Prefecture.
(Photo: Warren Hardcastle [April 2017])

Fuji T-5

Serial Location
6334  JMSDF Ozuki AB, Yamaguchi Prefecture (Oct. 2016 [link])
 Last updated: June 22, 2018


Grumman S2F-1 Tracker

Serial Location
4131  JMSDF Aviation Museum, Kanoya AB, Kagoshima Prefecture

 Tokushima AB, Tokushima Prefecture

 Last updated: Oct. 22, 2013

 kanoya s-2Kanoya is home to one of the 60 S2F-1 (S-2A) Tracker aircraft delivered to the JMSDF from 1957 to 1959, several of which were eventually sold for conversion as water bombers in the United States.
Sadly, none of the Tracker’s stablemate predecessor, the TBM-3 Avenger, was preserved for posterity.

4147 JMSDF S2F-1 TrackerSeen above at Kanoya in March 1981, 4147 was delivered in 1958, reportedly mothballed for a time in
the mid-70s and one of those sold in the United States. After the end of its JMSDF career, the veteran
airframe went from this [link] in October 1986 to a new lease of life as this [link] in April 1999,
having been one of six converted to Turbo-Tracker standard for the California State Department
of Forestry and Fire Protection by Marsh Aviation. Albeit minus its engines, this aircraft was
still present at Marsh’s Falcon Field facility in Mesa, Arizona, in 2013 [link] alongside
the remains of several of its former JMSDF companions
. (Photo: Takao Kadokami)

Another of the Trackers delivered in 1958, 4146 has also survived and is on display at Hemet-Ryan Airport, California. This website page charts the aircraft’s post-JMSDF existence [link].

4108 JMSDF TRackerHaving also been in the United States for a time, another example (4108) is reportedly on display at the
National War Museum in Seoul, South Korea. The aircraft carries the last four of its original U.S. Navy
serial number, 6585. The aircraft is seen here in its former guise at
Fukuoka airport in September 1964.
(Photo: Takao Kadokami)

(J-HangarSpace would like to hear from anyone willing to contribute a photo of 6585, the ex-JMSDF Tracker reportedly on display at the National War Museum in Seoul.)  

Kawasaki P-2J Turbo-Neptune

Serial Location
4770  (Nose section only) On indoor display at JMSDF Aviation Museum, Kanoya AB,  Kagoshima Prefecture
4771  JMSDF Aviation Museum, Kanoya AB, Kagoshima Prefecture
4774  Instructional airframe at JMSDF Technical School, Shimofusa AB, Chiba Prefecture

 Gifu-Kakamigahara Air and Space Museum, Gifu Prefecture (Apr. 2018, [link])


 JMSDF Aviation Museum, Kanoya AB, Kagoshima Prefecture

 Last updated: Apr. 12, 2018

kanoya p-2jDelivered in March 1979, the Kawasaki P-2J Turbo-Neptune displayed at Kanoya was the last of a total of 83 aircraft operated by the JMSDF. The nose section of another example (4770) is on display inside the facility. 

kakamip-2jOne of the original exhibits at the then newly opened Kakamigahara Aerospace Museum in March 1996, P-2J 4782 was already showing signs of wear when this photo was taken in October 2000; the aircraft was subsequently repainted.

Lockheed P2V-7 Neptune

Serial Location
4618  JMSDF Aviation Museum, Kanoya AB, Kagoshima Prefecture
 Last updated: Oct. 22, 2013

 kanoya p2v-7The JMSDF operated a total of 64 P2V-7 (P-2H) Neptune patrol aircraft over the period from early 1956 to 1981. The first 16 were transferred from the U.S. Navy, and the remainder either assembled or manufactured by Kawasaki in Japan. The Kanoya example was one of those delivered in
component knocked down form.

North American SNJ*

Serial Location
6165  Displayed at U.S. Naval Air Facility Atsugi, Kanagawa Prefecture (Jan. 2020)
6175  Shimofusa AB, Chiba Prefecture

 JMSDF Aviation Museum, Kanoya AB, Kagoshima Prefecture


 (SNJ-6) Outside Department of Aerospace Engineering, Nippon Bunri University,
 Oita, Oita Prefecture (April 2017)

6198  At remains of Imperial Japanese Navy Katori air base, Ryokuchi Park, Asahi City,
 Chiba Prefecture (current, photo from June 2020 [link])
6209  Kamagaya City Memorial Park, Chiba Prefecture (current, photo from Oct. 2020 [link])
 * SNJ-5 unless otherwise stated
 Last updated: Dec. 27, 2020

kanoya snjThe JMSDF started operations with a motley collection of U.S. Navy “hand-me-down” aircraft that included a number of SNJ-5 basic trainers. A total of 52 aircraft of this type entered service up to 1965.
Photographed in November 2000, this is the example on display at the JMSDF Museum in Kanoya. 

6182 SNJ-6 OitaHanded over to the JMSDF on April 14, 1956, SNJ-6 6182 was retired on June 8, 1963, and passed for
instructional purposes to the 3rd Maintenance & Support Squadron at Shimofusa, Chiba Prefecture, in
1968. Acquired by the Oita City hospital that had already acquired F-86F ‘62-7437’ bearing the name
Lindbergh—that of a restaurant in Fukuoka City owned by an aviation enthusiast—the aircraft was at
some stage moved to its still current location at Nippon Bunri University, also in Oita.
(Photo: Warren Hardcastle [April 2017])

Two loaned ex-JMSDF SNJs are to be found in cities in Chiba Prefecture. That shown above is on
the site of what from September 1944 was the wartime Katori air base in Asahi City; that below
is located in Kamagaya’s Shiseikinenkōen, the park that commemorates
the former town of Kamagaya having been granted city status in 1971.

(Photos [undated]: Chiba SDF Provincial Cooperation Office website [link] accessed Dec. 27, 2020)

Previously through to have been SNJ-6 6196, the SNJ-5 at Naval Air Facility Atsugi was restored 
and repainted in what are reportedly its original markings (as 6165) in 2019.
For more information, see Bulletin Board for January 2020.
(Photo: NAF Atsugi via Facebook)

ShinMaywa PS-1

Serial Location
5810  Sea Doughnut Aquarium (part of Amakusa Pearl Center), 6225-7 Aitsu,
 Matsushima-machi, Kami-Amakusa, Kumamoto Prefecture 861-6102
 (Owner JMSDF announced decision to dismantle and scrap aircraft in Aug. 2017,
 still present Nov. 5, 2018 [link]) but due to be removed by end of March 2019.) 

 Iwakuni AB, Yamaguchi Prefecture


 Battleship Mutsu Memorial Museum, 2111-3 Ihota, Suo-Ohshima,
 Ohshima District, Yamaguchi Prefecture (Photos [June 2015]: [link])

 Last updated: Nov. 7, 2018

PS-1One of the three remaining PS-1s, 5813 was handed over to the JMSDF in December 1973 and
withdrawn from operational use in September 1985.
(Photo [Apr. 2014]: Rob Schleiffert via Wikimedia Commons) 

ShinMaywa UF-XS

Serial Location
9911  On indoor display at Gifu-Kakamigahara Air and Space Museum,
 Gifu Prefecture (Apr. 2018, [link])
 Last updated: Apr. 12, 2018

 uf-xOriginally a U.S. Navy Grumman Albatross supplied to the JMSDF, the UF-XS served as a technology demonstrator for the boundary layer control system fitted to its larger ShinMaywa aircraft cousins following its first flight on December 25, 1962. The aircraft has been on display at Kakamigahara
since March 1996.

ShinMaywa US-1A

Serial Location
9076  JMSDF Aviation Museum, Kanoya AB, Kagoshima Prefecture
9078  Gifu-Kakamigahara Air and Space Museum, Gifu Prefecture (Apr. 2018, [link])
 Last updated: Apr. 12, 2018

kanoya us-1aA total of 20 US-1 and US-1A rescue amphibians were drip fed to the JMSDF over the 30 years from 1975 to 2005; two remain in service. The example preserved at Kanoya was delivered as a US-1 in February 1981 and, following conversion to US-1A standard in 1986, continued in service until November 1993. 

kakamius-1aThe service career of the Kakamigahara US-1A spanned 15 years, from 1983 to 1995.


Bell 47G-2A

Serial Location
8753  JMSDF Aviation Museum, Kanoya AB, Kagoshima Prefecture
 Last updated: Oct. 23, 2013

 kanoya 47gHaving in 1954 taken over the four Bell 47D-1s operated by its Maritime Guard forerunner, the JMSDF went on to acquire a further 11 Bell 47s. The last example was retired from active service in 1995.

Kawasaki-Hughes OH-6J

Serial Location
8761  Old Car Center, Naraha, Futaba District, Fukushima Prefecture
 (Note: Placed off limits following the March 2011 Fukushima Nuclear Power
  Plant disaster, the Old Car Center reopened in April 2016.)
8763  JMSDF Aviation Museum, Kanoya AB, Kagoshima Prefecture
 Last updated: Mar. 1, 2017

 kanoya oh-6jOne of the three OH-6Js operated by the JMSDF’s 202nd Naval Air Training Squadron from 1973.

Kawasaki-Vertol KV-107IIA-3A

Serial Location
8607  Shimofusa AB, Chiba Prefecture
8608  JMSDF Aviation Museum, Kanoya AB, Kagoshima Prefecture
 Last updated: Oct. 23, 2013

 kanoya kv-107The KV-107II on display at Kanoya was the penultimate aircraft of nine delivered to the JMSDF from 1963 and operated until 1988.

Sikorsky HSS-1N

Serial Location
8569  Removed from display at Tateyama AB, Chiba Prefecture, current
 whereabouts unknown. (See photo at top of this page) 
 Last updated: Oct. 23, 2013


Sikorsky HSS-2* Sea King

Serial Location
8017  (HSS-2) Tatara Shimanami Park, Kamiuracho, Imabari, Ehime Prefecture
8074  (HSS-2A) JMSDF Aviation Museum, Kanoya AB, Kagoshima Prefecture
8084  Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Nagoya Aerospace Systems, Komaki South Plant,
 Aichi Prefecture (pending relocation)
 (See Feb. 22, 2014, report on Aviation Museums page)
8085  Tateyama AB, Chiba Prefecture (Oct. 2013) 
8089  Ajisai Park, Yamanokuchi-cho, Miyakonojo City, Miyazaki Prefecture
8101  Ishikawa Aviation Plaza, Komatsu Airport, Ishikawa Prefecture
8105  JMSDF Hanshin Base Unit, Yura Detachment Base, Hidaka District,
 Wakayama Prefecture
8114  Hida Air Park, 2635-7 Nyukawacho Kitagata, Takayama, Gifu Prefecture 506-2133
8124  Awa Driving School, Awacho Tojo, Awa, Tokushima Prefecture
8130  Instructional airframe at JMSDF Technical School, Shimofusa AB, Chiba Prefecture
8138  Fuselage mounted on trestles for fire training at Ohmura AB, Nagasaki Prefecture
8146  Kodomo no Kuni (“Kiddie Country”), Hachinohe Park, Hachinohe,
 Aomori Prefecture

 JMSDF Yokosuka Recruit Training Center, Yokosuka, Kanagawa Prefecture


 Tokushima AB, Tokushima Prefecture

8165  Chuo Koen (Central Park), Shichinohe Town, Kamikita District, Aomori Prefecture
8167  Ohminato AB, Aomori Prefecture (Sept. 2013)
 * HSS-2B unless otherwise stated
 Last updated: Feb. 20, 2018

 kanoya hss-2

ishikawa hss-2
(Above) A total of 167 examples of the Mitsubishi-built HSS-2 helicopter served with the JMSDF in
three variants 1964–2003. The aircraft shown are on display at (from top to bottom)
Kanoya, Tateyama, and the Ishikawa Aviation Plaza. 

Sikorsky S-61A/AH

Serial Location
8181  (S-61A) On deck of Antarctic survey ship Fuji, Nagoya Port Garden Pier,
 Minato-ku, Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture
8185  (S-61A-1) Tateyama AB, Chiba Prefecture (Oct. 2013)
8941  (S-61AH) Fuselage on indoor display JMSDF Aviation Museum, Kanoya AB,  Kagoshima Prefecture
 Last updated: Oct. 23, 2013

 tateyamas61(2)The S-61A-1 shown at the head of the page from a different angle.

kanoya s-61On display inside the Kanoya museum is the front fuselage of the first of 13 Mitsubishi-built S-61AHs.

Sikorsky S-62J

Serial Location
8922  Eucalyptus Park, Matsudo, Chiba Prefecture (current, photo from Oct. 2020 [link]) 

 Tokushima AB, Tokushima Prefecture (current, photo from Jan. 2015 [link])

 Last updated: Dec. 27, 2020

The Mitsubishi-built S-62J that remains on loan at a park in Matsudo, Chiba Prefecture.
(Photo [undated]: Chiba SDF Provincial Cooperation Office website [link] accessed Dec. 27, 2020)

Sikorsky SH-60J

Serial Location
8204  Fuselage only, mounted on trestles for fire training at Ohmura AB,
 Nagasaki Prefecture

 Tateyama AB, Chiba Prefecture (Oct. 2013)


 Tsukemono no Sato Furusatokan (Pickle Village local produce store),
 Taihei Foods Co., Ltd., Futsucho, Minamishimabara, Nagasaki Prefecture 859-2112


 Derelict on the dump at Kanoya AB, Kagoshima Prefecture (April 2014)

 Last updated: May 26, 2014

tateyamash60jEarly examples of Mitsubishi-built Sikorsky SH-60J anti-submarine helicopters are being gradually withdrawn from active service.

Sikorsky UH-60J

Serial Location
8962  Dumped on Tateyama AB, Chiba Prefecture (Feb. 2018)

 (As 8962)

 Last updated: July 28, 2018



Where Are They Now? by Prefecture

As this is intended as a quick reference listing, aircraft and any SDF base locations mentioned in this guide are colour coded: Plain text: JASDF / Green: JGSDF / Orange: JMSDF

As of the last count, former JASDF aircraft are represented in 39 of Japan’s 47 prefectures, JGSDF in 38, and JMSDF in 19. The guide highlights the main pockets of retired JGSDF aircraft (including Ibaraki, Saitama, and Tochigi) and JMSDF aircraft (Chiba and Kagoshima prefectures).

Visitors to this website and to any locations are reminded that this is a rough guide, and that much of the aircraft population outside established museums lacks permanent resident status. The situation with JGSDF aircraft in particular remains fluid.

This rough guide was last amended in January 2021 and will be updated/corrected on an ongoing basis, as and when new or better information comes to light.


Kasugai Army Camp UH-1H
Komaki AB
Komaki (MHI Aerospace Systems) F-86F/F-104J/T-2/(T-6G?)
Kota (Nukata District Museum) F-86F/H-13KH
Nagoya (Aichi Museum of Flight) YS-11P
Nagoya (aboard Fuji, Nagoya Port Garden Pier) S-61A
Oguchi (Yamazaki Mazak Corp.) T-6G
Seto (private residence near Toso Park) F-104DJ (nose section only)
Toyohashi  (Aozora Hustle game facility) T-6D  (front fuselage only)
Toyokawa Army Camp UH-1B
Toyokawa (Itoh Electrical) T-1A (fuselage only)


Akita Army Camp UH-1B
Mitane (Sozaburonuma Park)   T-33A                          
Ogashi (JASDF Kamo Sub-Base) F-1


Aomori Army Camp UH-1H
Gonohe (Hibariya Park)  T-34A
Goshogawara (Ashino Prefectural Park)  T-2
Hachinohe Army Camp OH-6D/TH-55J?/UH-1H
Hachinohe (Kodomo no Kuni) HSS-2B
Hirosaki Army Camp UH-1H
Hirosaki Univ. of Health & Welfare UH-1H
Misawa AB F-1 (plus nose section)/F-86F
Misawa Aviation & Science Museum F-1/F-4EJ/F-104J/T-2 (x2) /T-3
Ohminato AB KM-2/T-34A/HSS-2B
Shichinohe Town (Central Park) HSS-2B


Asahi (site of former IJNAF Katori base) SNJ-5
Choshi (Chiba Institute of Science) OH-6D
(Misakikobato Nursery School)
(Daikeiken amusement park)
F-104J (nose and part of fuselage)
Kamagaya (Memorial Park) SNJ-5
Kisarazu (JASDF No. 1 Supply Depot) F-104J/T-1B
Kisarazu Army Camp LR-1/KV-107II-4A/OH-6D
Matsudo Army Camp KV-107II-4/UH-1H
Matsudo (Eucalyptus Park) S-62J
Nagara (Urban Rural Exchange Center) T-34A
Narashino Army Camp CH-47J/UH-1H (front fuselage)
Sammu (Hyper Doraku game park) F-4EJKai nose sections x2
Shimofusa AB


Tateyama AB B-65/KM-2/HSS-2B/S-61A-1/SH-60J/UH-60J
Tomisato (Aozora Nursery School) OH-6D
Tsudanuma Campus, Nihon Univ. H-13KH


Imabari (Tatara Shimanami Park)  HSS-2                                        
Seiyo (Shirokawa Athletic Park) F-104DJ


Eiheiji (Kamishiki Ninki no Sato Park)   OH-6D                                 


Asakura (Onrakukan) T-34A (nose section)/KM-2
Ashiya AB F-1/F-86D/F-86F/F-104J
Chikujo (Metase no Mori)  T-33A
Chikuzen (Retro Tachiarai Station) T-33A
Kasuga AB F-1/F-86F/F-104J/T-33A
Kitakyushu (Kokura Army Camp) OH-6D/UH-1H
Kurume (Maegawara Army Camp) OH-6D/UH-1H
Nakama (Myouganji Kindergarten)  T-34A
Tsuiki AB F-1/F-4EJKai/F-86D
F-86F (+ nose section)
Ukiha (Yoshii Sports Island) T-33A


Fukushima Army Camp T-6G/OH-6D/KV-107IIA-4
Koriyama Army Camp OH-6D
Naraha (Old Car Center KUDAN) B-65/F-86F/F-104J/F-104DJ
T-2 (nose section)/T-6G/T-33A
KM-2/OH-6J (in JMSDF mkngs)


Gifu AB C-46D/F-86D/F-86F/F-4EJ
Gifu-Kakamigahara Air and Space Museum F-104J/T-1B/T-2
Kakamigahara (KHI Gifu Works) T-4/T-33A
Minakamo (Yamazaki Mazak Museum) T-6G(x2)
Seki (Nakanippon Aviation College) F-104J/OH-6D
Takayama (Hida Air Park) KM-2/HSS-2B                          


Kiryu (Kiryugaoka amusement park) T-6G/OH-6D                          
Ota (Subaru Yajima Plant visitor centre) T-1B
Shintomura (Shinto Furusato Park) UH-1B
Soumagahara Army Camp  OH-6D
Takasaki (Shinmachi Army Camp) KV-107IIA-4/UH-1H                  


Kaita Army Camp UH-1H                          


Betsukai Army Camp OH-6J
Bihoro Army Camp KV-107II-4(x2)/OH-6J
Bihoro Aviation Park T-33A
Chitose (Utsumi Park) T-33A?
Engaru Army Camp UH-1B
Erimo (JASDF Erimo Sub-Base) F-1
Hakodate Army Camp UH-1B
Kushiro Army Camp UH-1B/UH-1H?
Nayoro Army Camp UH-1B?
Nakatonbetsu (Kotobuki Park) F-104J
Noboribetsu (Horobetsu Army Camp) UH-1H
Obihiro Army Camp T-6G?/T-34A/UH-1B/V-44A
Rumoi Army Camp UH-1H
Sapporo (Chitose AB) F-4EJ/F-86D/F-86F/F-104J
Sapporo (Higashi-Chitose Army Camp) KV-107II-4/OH-6D/OH-6J
Sapporo (Makomanai Army Camp)   UH-1H
Sapporo (Okadama Army Camp) KV-107II-4/UH-1H
Takikawa Army Camp UH-1H
Yamakoshi (JASDF Yakumo Sub-Base) T-33A


Awaji (Mitsu Seiki Co., Ltd.) F-1/T -1B/T-3/LR-1
Itami (Senzo Army Camp) OH-6D
Kawanishi Army Camp UH-1H
Kobe (KHI Seishin Works) OH-6D
Kobe (KHI Nishi-Kobe Works) UH-1H


Hyakuri AB Yuhien F-1/F-4EJ/F-86D/F-86F
Kasama (privately owned) T-33A (forward fuselage)
Kasumigaura Aviation School LR-1/AH-1S/AS332L(?)/OH-6D
JGSDF Public Information Center
(Piso Tenjin Nursing Care Center)
Katsuta Army Camp UH-1H
Mito (Uchihara Health Park) UH-1H
Omitama (Tamazato Sports Park) T-33A
Omitama (Airport Park)   F-4EJ/RF-4EJ
Omitama (Ogawa Marine Center) UH-1H
Taishi Town T-33A
Toride (Narita-Tsukuba Aviation College) LR-1/H-13KH/OH-6J
Tsukuba (Geospatial Information Authority) B-65P


Kanazawa Army Camp UH-1H
Komatsu AB F-4EJKai/F-86D/F-86F/F-104J
Komatsu Airport (Ishikawa Aviation Plaza) F-104J/T-2/T-3/T-33A
Nonoichi (Kanazawa Institute of Technology) T-3/OH-6D
Wajima (Japan Aviation Academy Wajima,
Noto Airport)


Takizawa (JGSDF Iwate Army Camp) T-6G                                


Ayagawa (Takayama Air Park) T-2
Takamatsu (TENPOS recycling center) UH-1B
Zentsuji Army Camp T-2/KV-107II-4/OH-6J/UH-1B/UH-1H


Chiran Peace Museum T-3
Ibusuki (Kaimondake Nature Park) F-86D
Kanoya AB (dump area) SH-60J

Kanoya (JMSDF Aviation Museum)



Bell 47G-2A/OH-6J
Kirishima (Dai-ichi Inst. of Technology) H-13KH/OH-6J
Kirishima (Kokubu Army Camp) KV-107II-4/OH-6D/UH-1H
Kirishima (Maruoka Park)   OH-6D
Kirishima (Uwatoko Park)   T-34A
Okuchitorisu (Okuchi Sports Center) T-33A
Sendai Army Camp UH-1B?
Tokunoshima Airport T-33A
Yusui (Yoshimatsu Sports Hall) OH-6D


Atsugi (Atsugi NAF) SNJ-5
Yokohama (privately owned, fuselage only) T-33A
Yokosuka (JMSDF Yokosuka Recruit Training Center HSS-2B
Yokosuka (National Defense Academy) F-1/F-104J/T-34A


Konan (Kochi Army Camp)   OH-6D/UH-1H


Kita-Kumamoto Army Camp   LR-1/OH-6D
Kami-Amakusa (Sea Doughnut Aquarium in Amakusa Pearl Center) PS-1?
Tsunagi Town T-33A?
Yunomae (Green Palace/B&G Foundation aquatic sports centre) T-33A      


Fukuchiyama Army Camp UH-1H
Sonobe (Zero Fighter Research Center, Rurikei Spa) T-6G “Zero”              
Uji (Okubo Army Camp) UH-1H


Tsu (Hisai Army Camp)   KV-107IIA-4/OH-6D/UH-1H
Watarai (Miya Watarai River Park) UH-1H


Kasuminome Army Camp LR-1/OH-6D/UH-1H
Higashi-Matsushima T-2
Matsushima AB F-2B (cockpit only)
T-2 (+ cockpit/nose section)
Sendai Army Camp OH-6D
Sendai (Higashi Nihon Technical School) OH-6J
Shibata (Funaoka Army Camp) KV-107IIA-4/OH-6D/UH-1H
Taiwa Army Camp OH-6D/UH-1H


Ebino Army Camp OH-6J/UH-1H
Kushima (JASDF Takahatayama Sub-Base) F-86F
Miyakonojo (Ajisai Park) HSS-2B
Miyakonojo (2inPart1 love hotel) T-6G
Miyazaki Universal College T-34A?/MU-2S?
Nyutabaru AB F-4EJKai/F-86D?/F-86F?/F-104J
Shintomi (JR Hyugashintomi Station) T-33A


Matsumoto Army Camp CH-47J/KV-107II-4/UH-1H
Nagano City Youth Science Center OH-6J
Omi Village (Hijiri Village Museum) C-46D (nose section)


JASDF Fukuejima Sub-Base F-1
Minamishimabara (Tsukemono no Sato Furusatokan) SH-60J
Nagasaki (Kyushu Defense Bureau) OH-6J
Nagasaki Army Camp UH-1H
Ohmura AB HSS-2B/SH-60J
Sasebo (Ainoura Army Camp) KV-107II-4/OH-6J
Sasebo (JMSDF Sasebo Police) B-65
Shimabara (Mt. Unzen Disaster Memorial Hall) KV-107IIA-4


Kitakatsuragi (Oji Technical High School) T-1B/OH-6J
Nara AB F-1/F-86D/F-86F
Yamatokoriyama (Nara National College of Technology) T-6G


  (Akadomari Coastal Sports Park) T-33A
Sado  (JASDF Sado Sub-Base) F-1
  (Kanai Sports Park) F-104J           
Uonuma (DrugTops drugstore) F-86F


Beppu Army Camp KV-107IIA-4/UH-1H
Kusu Army Camp UH-1H
Oita (Nippon Bunri University) F-86F/F-104J/OH-6J/SNJ-6
Sanko (Hachimenzan Nature Park) F-86F                                   


Katsuta (Nihonbara Army Camp) KV-107IIA-4/OH-6D
Kurashiki (Sato Construction) OH-6D
Okayama (Kyoyama Solar Green Park) F-104J
Okayama (Sangenya Army Camp)   OH-6J


Nago  (Military Shop Ordnance) T-33A (nose section)
Nago Pineapple Park T-33A
Naha AB B-65/F-4EJ/F-104J/T-33A
Naha Army Camp LR-1


Izumi (Shinodayama Army Camp) KV-107IIA-4/OH-6D/UH-1B/UH-1H
Yao Army Camp T-34A


Asaka Army Camp CH-47J
Asaka JGSDF Public Information Center AH-1S/UH-1H
Gyoda (Saitama Subaru Sakitama Garden dealership) T-1B
Hanyu Skysports Park T-3
Iruma AB (C-1)
Kumagaya AB F-1/F-86D/F-86F/F-104J
Omiya Army Camp UH-1H
(Tokorozawa Aviation Museum)



Otsu (Otsu Army Camp)      F-1/F-86D/UH-1H            


Hamada (Asahi Park) KM-2
Izumo (Meda Forest Park) T-33A                            


Fukuroi (SIST) OH-6D/LR-1 (at Hamamatsu AB?)
Gotemba (Fujisan Juku no Mori Park) UH-1H
Gotemba (Itazuma Army Camp) UH-1H



Airfield Café F-1 nose section/F-86D forward fuselage
F-104J forward fuselages/MU-2S fuselage
T-1B nose sections/T-33A
HamamatsuAB T-33A
JASDF Air Park B-65/C-46D/F-1/F-4EJKai/F-86D
F-86F (x2)/F-104J/UF-104J/X-2
MU-2S/T-1A/T-2 (x2)/T-3/T-4/T-6F
T-28D/T-33A/T-34A/Vampire T.55
Higashi-Fuji Training Ground CH-47J
Iwata (Sodeura Park) F-86F
Makinohara (SIST Museum) T-33A (forward fuselage)
JASDF Omaezaki Sub-Base) T-3
Oyama (Harada Collection Racing
Palace Automobile Museum)
Shimada (Minamihara Community  Center) T-34A (possibly removed)
Shizuhama AB F-86F/T-3/T-6F/T-34A
Shizuoka (Nagano Motors) T-34A
Takigahara Army Camp   UH-1B
Yaizu (Hasegawa Corporation) F-104J/T-3


FHI Utsunomiya Plant T-1A/T-3
JGSDF Kita-Utsunomiya
Army Camp/Aviation School
Teikyo Univ., Utsunomiya Campus T-2/T-3
Tochigi Science Museum UH-1B (as flight simulator)
Utsunomiya Army Camp CH-47J/UH-1H


Awa (Awa Driving School)  HSS-2B
Komatsushima AB T-34A
Tokushima AB S2F-1/TC-90/HSS-2B/S-62J
Tokushima Army Camp OH-6D/UH-1H


Fuchu AB F-1/F-104J
Higashi-Tachikawa Army Camp OH-6D
Ichigaya (Japan Defense Ministry) UH-1H
Minamisenju (TMCIT, Arakawa Campus) F-86D
Mishuku Army Camp UH-1H
Morishita, Koto Ward
(Murataka Autos)
C-46D (nose section only)
Nerima Army Camp UH-1H
Nishitama (IHI Mizuho Works) F-104J
Nishitama (W2 Design) T-33A
Setagaya (Mishuku Army Camp) UH-1H
Tachikawa Army Camp L-19E/LR-1/OH-6D/OH-6J/UH-1H
Yokota AB (U.S.-Japan Joint
Air Defense Command HQ)


Miho AB C-1/C-46D/F-1/F-4EJKai/F-86D/F-104J
Yonago Army Camp KV-107II-4/OH-6D/OH-6J/UH-1B/UH-1H


Nanto (private residence) T-1B (nose section)
Nyuzen (Nyuzen Central Park) T-34A
Oyabe (Crossland Oyabe amusement park) KV-107IIA-4           


Hidaka (JMSDF Hanshin Base Unit) HSS-2B               


Higashine (Jinmachi Army Camp) LR-1/KV-107II-4(x2)/OH-6D/UH-1H


Hagi (Hagi Activity Park) KM-2
Hofu-Kita AB F-1/F-86D/F-104J/T-1A/T-3/T-33A/T-34A
Hofu-Minami AB F-1F-86D/F-86F/T-34A
Hofu (Hana no Ura Facility for
the Disabled)
Iwakuni AB B-65/PS-1
Mine (Beppu Benten Ike Park) KM-2
Ohshima (Battleship Mutsu Memorial Museum) PS-1
Ozuki AB KM-2/T-5/T-34A
Waki (Hachigamine Park)  B-65
Yamaguchi Army Camp, Yamaguchi City OH-6D


Hokuto (nursery school)    T-34A
Kai (Japan Aviation Academy High School,
Yamanashi Campus)
Minobu Town (private ownership) F-104J/KV-107IIA-4/OH-6J
T-2 (nose section)
Narusawa (Kawaguchiko Automobile Museum) C-46D/F-86F (x2)






Airshows in 2021
Nov. 3  Iruma

Airshows in 2020
All cancelled

Airshows in 2019
Komaki 2019 poster
Mar. 2  Komaki
Apr. 14  Kumagaya
May 19  Shizuhama
June 2  Hofu-Kita
June 2  Miho
Aug. 4  Chitose
Aug. 25  Matsushima
Sept. 8  Misawa
Sept. 16  Komatsu
Oct. 13  Ashiya
Oct. 20  Hamamatsu
Nov. 3  Iruma
Nov. 9  Komaki
Nov. 10  Gifu 
Nov. 23  Kasuga
Dec. 1  Hyakuri
Dec. 7-8  Naha
Dec. 8  Tsuiki
Dec. 15  Nyutabaru



Airshows in 2021

Airshows in 2020
With exception of
Akeno (only limited
access), all cancelled

Airshows in 2019
narashino1ab2019koukahajimersJan. 13  Narashino
 (paratroop display)
Apr. 13  Kasuminome
Apr. 13  Somagahara
May 12  Takayubaru
June 1  Kasumigaura
June 16  Kita-Utsunomiya
June 23  Okadama
Oct. 6  Metabaru
Nov. 3  Akeno
Nov. 9  Tachikawa
Nov. 17  Naha
Nov. 24  Yao
Dec. 8  Kisarazu



Airshows in 2021

Airshows in 2020
All cancelled

Airshows in 2019
Apr. 27  Atsugi
Apr. 28  Kanoya
May 5  Iwakuni
(joint Friendship Day)
May 18  Maizuru
May 19  Ohmura
July 13-14
July 27  Tateyama
Sept. 21  Hachinohe

Oct. 20  Ozuki
Oct. 26 Shimofusa
Nov. 17  Tokushima



(*) Date to be confirmed

(Please note that air show dates are subject to change/cancellation.)


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