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JMSDF Primary Air Unit Order of Battle

(As at February 1, 2018)

P-1 5505The JMSDF has a requirement for 70 of the Lockheed P-3C Orion’s replacement, the Kawasaki P-1
patrol aircraft. Including the single UP-1 systems testbed, 10 aircraft are either engaged in flight
testing or assigned to the 31st Flight of the 3rd Fleet Air Squadron, which started to re-equip on
the type in March 2015.

nahap-3cThe 5th Fleet Air Squadron operates Kawasaki-built P-3C Orions  from Naha AB, Okinawa.. 

111sqnhh-53A Sikorsky MH-53E minesweeping helicopter of the 111th Fleet Air Squadron makes an impressive sight
as it heads out for takeoff. The type was retired on March 3, 2017.

(All photographs on this website are copyright J-HangarSpace
unless otherwise stated.) 

(Yokosuka, Kanagawa Prefecture)

Fleet Air Force (HQ: Atsugi, Kanagawa Prefecture)
1st Fleet Air Wing
(Kanoya, Kagoshima)
1st Fleet Air Sqn 11th Flight P-3C
12th Flight

2nd Fleet Air Wing
(Hachinohe, Aomori)

2nd Fleet Air Sqn 21st Flight P-3C
22nd Flight

4th Fleet Air Wing
(Atsugi, Kanagawa)

3rd Fleet Air Sqn 31st Flight P-1
32nd Flight

5th Fleet Air Wing
(Naha, Okinawa)

5th Fleet Air Sqn 51st Flight P-3C
52nd Flight

21st Fleet Air Wing
(Tateyama, Chiba)

21st Fleet Air Sqn

211th Flight SH-60K
212th Flight SH-60J/K

23rd Fleet Air Sqn
(Maizuru, Kyoto)

231st Flight SH-60K

25th Fleet Air Sqn
(Ohminato, Aomori)

251st Flight SH-60J

73rd Fleet Air Sqn

73rd Flight UH-60J
Ohminato Base Sqn Det.
Iwo Jima Base Sqn Det.

22nd Fleet Air Wing
(Omura, Nagasaki)

22nd Fleet Air Sqn

221st Flight SH-60K
222nd Flight SH-60K
223rd Flight SH-60J

24th Fleet Air Sqn
(Komatsushima, Tokushima)

241st Flight SH-60J
Komatsushima Base Sqn UH-60J

72nd Fleet Air Sqn

72nd Flight UH-60J
Kanoya Detachment

31st Fleet Air Wing
(Iwakuni, Yamaguchi)

71st Fleet Air Sqn

(Single-aircraft rotations to Atsugi currently suspended)

81st Fleet Air Sqn EP-3, OP-3C
91st Fleet Air Sqn UP-3D, U-36A
Target Drone Unit (Etajima, Hiroshima) BQM-34AJ

51st Fleet Air Squadron
(Atsugi, Kanagawa)

511th Flight P-1/UP-1, P-3C, UP-3C
513th Flight SH-60J/K, USH-60K
61st Fleet Air Squadron (Atsugi, Kanagawa) C-130R, LC-90
111th Fleet Air Squadron (Iwakuni, Yamaguchi) MCH-101

C-130R 9502 (2)The most recent addition to the JMSDF inventory is the C-130R. The first of six refurbished former U.S. Marine Corps KC-130Rs replaced the last two YS-11s in December 2014.
(Photo: Japan Ministry of  Defense) 

up-3dOne of three UP-3D Orion aircraft operated by the 91st Fleet Air Squadron on electronic warfare duties, including those needed during ship air defence training.

3 Sqn P-3CA standard P-3C Orion from the Atsugi-based 3rd Fleet Air Squadron seen at JASDF Komaki.
On March 23, 2014, two JMSDF P-3Cs arrived in Perth, Australia, to assist international
efforts to locate a missing Malaysia Airlines flight. 

sh-60kx2A pair of 21st Fleet Air Squadron Mitsubishi-built Sikorsky SH-60Ks come into land at Tateyama.

23 Sqn SH-60KA 23rd Fleet Air Squadron SH-60K during a visit to the JASDF base at Komaki,
Aichi Prefecture, in February 2014.

tateyama uh-60jThis UH-60J carries the number “73” on its tail, which denotes that it belongs to the 73rd Fleet Air Squadron. This unit operates detachments at Tateyama, Ohminato, and Iwo Jima.

us-2sTwo 71st Fleet Air Squadron US-2 rescue amphibians appear to get entangled as they return from flights at their home base of Iwakuni.

(Above) Present during a J-HangarSpace visit to Iwakuni in 2012 was one of  five 81st Fleet Air Squadron EP-3 aircraft. Easily identifiable by their three dorsal radomes, these aircraft  perform electronic and signals intelligence (ELINT/SIGINT) gathering duties. (Below) Conveniently parked next to the EP-3 was one of the same unit’s five OP-3C image-gathering aircraft.

hangared u-36aTwo of the 91st Fleet Air Squadron’s U-36As are seen parked in a hangar next to a maintenance access
frame-enshrouded US-2 at Iwakuni.

mch-101The JMSDF is planning for the 111th Fleet Air Squadron to be ultimately equipped with
14 AgustaWestland MCH-101 helicopters. 

(Above) Having first flown on February 17, 1968, this YS-11M was still providing sterling service with the 61st Fleet Air Squadron early in 2013, a full 45 years later. The last two JMSDF examples were
flown for the last time, from Atsugi to Shimofusa, on December 26, 2014.
(Below) For liaison duties the 61st Fleet Air Squadron also operates this Raytheon (Beechcraft) LC-90 (based on the C90 King Air).


(Ichigaya, Tokyo)

Ohminato Naval District

Shipborne helicopters assigned from 21st/22nd Fleet Air Wing units listed above.
(CH-101 from Antarctic survey ship Shirase, which comes under Yokosuka Naval District command, shore-based at Iwakuni.)

Yokosuka Naval District
Maizuru Naval District
Kure Naval District
Sasebo Naval District
Air Training Command (HQ Shimofusa, Chiba Prefecture)
Shimofusa Naval Air Training Wing 203rd Naval Air Training Sqn P-3C

Tokushima Naval Air Training Wing
(Tokushima Prefecture)

202nd Naval Air Training Sqn TC-90

Ozuki Naval Air Training Wing
(Yamaguchi Prefecture)

201st Naval Air Training Sqn T-5
211th Naval Air Training Squadron Kanoya, Kagoshima SH-60J/K,
OH-6DA, TH-135
3rd Technical School Shimofusa, Chiba

Note: JMSDF aviation units are often designated by U.S. Navy-style role abbreviations, e.g. VP- for patrol squadrons, and bear nicknames derived from their radio call signs.

t-5 shimofusaA total of  65 Fuji T-5 trainers have been built, and the type forms the mainstay equipment of the
Ozuki-based 201st Naval Air Training Squadron.

OH-6DAThe Hughes OH-6DA is one of three types operated by the 211th Naval Air Training Sqn. On Feb. 12, 2015, one of the five remaining aircraft came down in the densely forested mountainous area of Ebino, Miyazaki Prefecture; the crash tragically claimed the lives of all three crew members.
(Photo[OH-6D]: JMSDF)   

myokoA trio of JMSDF destroyers is headed by the Aegis missile defence system-equipped Myoko; manouvering astern are the helicopter-carrying Hiei and the Amagiri. Launched in August 1973, the Hiei was decommissioned in March 2011. (Photo: JMSDF)

hyugatateymaAnchored offshore from Tateyama AB, the JMSDF helicopter carrier Hyuga receives a
21st Fleet Air Squadron SH-60K helicopter. 




2018 Airshow Dates
Feb. 18  Ashiya
Mar. 3  Komaki
Apr. 8  Kumagaya
May 20  Shizuhama
miho 2018 poster
May 27  Miho
June 3  Hofu-Kita
July 22  Chitose
Aug. 26  Matsushima
Sept. 9  Misawa
Oct. 14  Ashiya
Nov. 25  Hamamatsu
Nov. 3  Iruma
Nov. 19  Gifu
Nov. *  Hyakuri
Nov. *  Tsuiki
Dec. 2  Nyutabaru
Dec. 8-9  Naha

2017 Event Posters
Hofu-Kita / Miho
JASDF Hofu-Kita

Miho poster 2017

2019 Airshow Dates
Mar. *  Komaki
Nov. 3  Iruma

2018 Airshow Dates
Jan. 12  Narashino
 (paratroop display)
Apr. 15  Kasuminome
May 26  Kasumigaura
May 27 Kita-
June 17  Asahikawa
Aug. *  Fuji live fire
Sept. 9  Kisarazu
Sept. 29  Tachikawa
Oct. 6  Obihiro
Oct. 14  Yao
Nov. 4  Akeno
Nov. 25  Naha 

2017 Event Posters
Kisarazu / Metabaru
Kisarazu 170225

Metabaru 2017

2019 Airshow Dates
Jan. 13  Narashino
 (paratroop display) 

2018 Airshow Dates
Apr. 21  NAF Atsugi
Apr. 30  Kanoya
May 5  Iwakuni
(joint Friendship Day)
May 27  Omura
July *  Komatsushima
July 21  Maizuru
July 28  Tateyama
Sept. 16  Hachinohe
Sept. *  Shimofusa
Sept. *  Tokushima
Oct. 21  Ozuki

2017 Event Posters
Ozuki  (July children’s
event / Oct. Swell Festival)
Ozuki event July 2017

Ozuki Swell 2017

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