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JASDF Primary Air Unit Order of Battle

(As at March 1, 2018)

irumaf-15jA Mitsubishi-built F-15J Eagle from the Komatsu-based 303rd Tactical Fighter Squadron (TFS) hurtles skyward. The F-15J equips six front-line JASDF fighter units. 

naha302f-4ejThe JASDF still operates two squadrons of F-4EJKai Phantom  fighters from Hyakuri. First delivered in
July 1971, the second F-4EJ shown here was only recently retired from service with the 302nd TFS.

(All photographs on this website are copyright J-HangarSpace
unless otherwise stated.) 


 Northern Air Defense Force (Misawa, Aomori)
2nd Air Wing 201st TFS F-15J/DJ, T-4 Chitose, Hokkaido
203rd TFS
3rd Air Wing 3rd TFS F-2A/B, T-4 Misawa, Aomori
Provisional F-35A Squadron F-35A/T-4
Northern Air Command Support Flt T-4


 Central Air Defense Force (Iruma, Saitama)
6th Air Wing 303rd TFS F-15J/DJ, T-4 Komatsu, Ishikawa
306th TFS
7th Air Wing 301st TFS  F-4EJKai , T-4  Hyakuri, Ibaraki
302nd TFS 
Central Air Command Support Squadron T-4, U-4 Iruma

 hyakuri oob1
(Above) The pilot of a 305th TFS F-15DJ Eagle watches as his canopy closes over him. Each F-15J unit maintains on strength examples of the two-seat version of the Eagle and the Kawasaki T-4 (below) for training purposes.

hyakuri oob2

iruma u-4
The Headquarters Support Flight that reported directly to Air Defense Command was renamed and placed under local regional control in 2014.
(Above) A U-4 from what is now the Central Air Command Support Squadron basks in the sun on the apron at Iruma AB.
(Below) One of the same unit’s pristine T-4s at rest in an equally well-maintained hangar.

hangar t-4

 Western Air Defense Force (Kasuga, Fukuoka)
5th Air Wing 305th TFS  F-15J/DJ, T-4  Nyutabaru, Miyazaki
8th Air Wing 6th TFS F-2A/B, T-4  Tsuiki, Fukuoka
 8th TFS 
Western Air Command Support Sqn T-4 Kasuga

301Sqn oobAn F-4EJKai Phantom from the 301st TFS that shared Nyutabaru AB with the Tactical Fighter
Training Group’s Aggressor Squadron before moving to Hyakuri in October 2016. Under plans
announced in December 2013, the JASDF is to increase the number of its fighter units from 12 
to 13 squadrons and accept delivery of 28 Lockheed Martin F-35A Lightning IIs by 2018.

Tsuiki F-15JsFor many years home to the F-15J Eagles of the 304th TFS (above) and the F-2A/B-equipped 6th TFS, Tsuiki AB is scenically situated on the coast of Fukuoka Prefecture.
The 304th relocated to Naha AB in January 2016.

 Southwestern Air Defense Force (Naha, Okinawa)
 (Renamed from Southwestern Composite Air Division on July 1, 2017)
9th Air Wing
(formed from 83rd AW
Jan. 31, 2016)
204th Sqn F-15J/DJ, T-4 Naha
304th Sqn
Southwestern Support Flt T-4

f-15j saluteAs is customary, the crew chief of a 204th Sqn F-15J salutes as his charge moves off the flight line.


 Airborne Early Warning & Control Group  Tactical Reconnaissance Group
 Air Tactics Development Wing   Air Rescue Wing

 The Air Tactics Development Wing formed in August 2014.
 The Air Rescue Wing passed to Air Defense Command control from Air Support
 Command on March 26, 2013.

 Airborne Early Warning (AEW) Control Group (Hamamatsu, Shizuoka) 
 AEW Surveillance Group (Misawa, Aomori)    
601st Sqn E-2C Misawa, Aomori
603rd Sqn E-2C Naha, Okinawa
602nd Sqn (reports direct to AEW Control Group) E-767 Hamamatsu, Shizuoka

e-2creflectOne of the then AEW Surveillance Squadron’s E-2C Hawkeyes was painted in special markings to commemorate the milestone of 100,000 accident-free flight hours attained on July 30, 2009. This
aircraft was one of four E-2Cs assigned to the JASDF’s newest unit, the 603rd Sqn that formed at
Naha AB on April 20, 2014.

 Tactical Reconnaissance Group (Hyakuri, Ibaraki)
501st Reconnaissance Sqn RF-4E/RF-4EJ, T-4 Hyakuri

 rf-4ejOne of seven aircraft modified from F-4EJ standard, 501st Reconnaissance Squadron RF-4EJKai
77-6392 undergoes flight line maintenance. A TACER reconnaissance pod capable of providing
real-time imagery is attached to the aircraft’s centreline station. 

 Air Tactics Development Wing (Yokota, Tokyo)
Tactical Fighter Training Group
(Aggressor Squadron)
F-15J/DJ, T-4 Komatsu, Ishikawa*
Electronic Warfare Squadron** EC-1, YS-11EA Iruma, Saitama
Electronic Intelligence Squadron** YS-11EB
 (*) Move from Nyutabaru to Komatsu completed June 2016 
 (**) Both squadrons report to the Electronic Tactics Group at Iruma


ec-1Although taken against the evening sun, this photo does serve to show the changes in the 21st
Kawasaki C-1’s external appearance for its role as the Electronic Warfare Squadron’s sole EC-1.
The salient feature is its bulbous nose radome that houses J/ALQ-5 jamming equipment.

trio of YS-11sParked at Iruma next to the EC-1, these three YS-11s were converted from standard transport aircraft to perform specific electronic-related tasks. The two nearest the camera are YS-11EA electronic countermeasures training aircraft. Well hidden at the back is a YS-11EB variant
used for electronic intelligence-gathering  duties.

 Air Rescue Wing (HQ: Iruma) Detachments  (All equipped with U-125A, UH-60J)
Chitose, Hokkaido Matsushima, Miyagi Ashiya, Fukuoka
Akita, Akita Hyakuri, Ibaraki Nyutabaru, Miyazaki
Niigata, Niigata Hamamatsu, Shizuoka Naha, Okinawa
Komatsu, Ishikawa  Komaki, Aichi (Training Sqn)  
Helicopter Air Transport Squadrons**
(All equipped with CH-47J)
Misawa, Aomori Kasuga, Fukuoka
Iruma, Saitama Naha, Okinawa
 (**) Formerly came under Air Support Command control

iruma ch-47The JASDF’s fleet of 22 Kawasaki-built CH-47J Chinook heavy-lift helicopters is spread around the four bases at which a Helicopter Air Transport Squadron is located.

Mainstay helicopter in service with the Air Rescue Wing detachments is the UH-60J
(above), which is operated in conjunction with the Raytheon (Hawker) U-125A (below).

Komaki U-125


1st Tactical Airlift Group

401st Sqn C-130H/KC-130H Komaki, Aichi
404th Sqn KC-767

2nd Tactical Airlift Group

402nd Sqn C-1, U-4 Iruma, Saitama

3rd Tactical Airlift Group

403rd Sqn C-1, C-2* Miho, Tottori

41st Flying
Training Sqn**


Special Airlift Group

701st Sqn B.747-400 Chitose, Hokkaido
Flight Check Group U-125, YS-11FC Iruma, Saitama
 (*) 403rd Sqn received its first C-2 at the end of March 2017 and retired its last YS-11P at the end of May 2017.
 (**) Plans exist to relocate the 41st FTS’s 13 T-400s and personnel to Hamamatsu 

jasdf b747One of the pair of Boeing 747-400s used by the 701st Squadron to transport imperial and prime ministerial entourages on visits throughout the world. Having been formally commissioned
in June 1993, the unit commemorated its 20th anniversary in 2013.
(Photo: JASDF)

JASDF C-130H(Above) While a sister aircraft undergoes maintenance, a C-130H Hercules of the 401st Sqn, 1st Tactical Airlift Group (TAG) comes to the end of its landing run at Komaki AB in October 2000. Nowadays, some of the unit’s aircraft sport a blue colour scheme, as seen below on one of the three aircraft that
participated in the 2013 SDF Review flypast.


c-1 takeoffA 402nd Squadron Kawasaki C-1 hurriedly gets aloft at Iruma. The C-1 having been in service since 1971, two prototypes of its C-2 successor have been undergoing flight testing since 2010–11.

Komaki KC-767The JASDF received the first two of four Boeing KC-767 tanker-transports in 2008.
All are based at Komaki AB with the 404th Sqn.

YS-11 at KomakiThe 403rd Sqn at Miho AB, Tottori Prefecture, relinquished its last YS-11 in May 2017.
Bulletin Board report)

irumat-400The Raytheon (Beechcraft) T-400 has been used in the multi-engine training role by the
41st Flying Training Squadron since February 1994.
(Above) Two of the three YS-11FCs operated by the Flight Check Group, two of which were
converted from YS-11P transports.
(Below) Seen departing from Tsuiki AB, Fukuoka Prefecture,
is one of three U-125s specifically acquired configured for the group’s role. Tragically, the crew
flying this very aircraft was lost in what was confirmed to have been a controlled flight into
terrain incident near JMSDF Kanoya AB on April 6, 2016. 

flight check u-125

AIR TRAINING COMMAND (HQ: Hamamatsu, Shizuoka)

1st Air Wing 31st Training Sqn T-4 Hamamatsu
32nd Training Sqn
4th Air Wing 11th Sqn (Blue Impulse) T-4 Matsushima, Miyagi
(See note below)
21st Fighter Training Sqn F-2B
11th Flying Training Wing 1st Sqn T-7 Shizuhama, Shizuoka
2nd Sqn
12th Flying Training Wing 1st Flying Training Sqn T-7 Hofu-Kita, Yamaguchi
2nd Fying Training Sqn
13th Flying Training Wing 1st Flying Training Sqn T-4 Ashiya, Fukuoka
2nd Flying Training Sqn
Fighter Training Group 23rd Fighter Training Sqn F-15J/DJ, T-4 Nyutabaru, Miyazaki
1st Technical School F-2A, F-4EJKai, F-15J, T-7 Hamamatsu

Matsushima was extensively damaged by the tsunami on March 11, 2011. Away from base that day, the Blue Impulse aerobatic team was stationed at Ashiya, Fukuoka Prefecture, for two years and returned to Matsushima on March 30, 2013. Due to tsunami damage sustained by its aircraft and the base closure, the 21st Sqn conducted reduced F-2 flight training operations from Misawa, Aomori Prefecture, from April 2011. A ceremony marking the 21st’s return to Matsushima was held on March 28, 2016.

irumabiThree of the JASDF’s six-aircraft Blue Impulse aerobatic display team go through their routine at the
2013 Iruma air show. There were media reports that the team was planning to revert to coloured smoke
to mark its 20th anniversary season in 2016. 

23Sqn F-15DJA 23rd Sqn F-15DJ undergoes final pre-flight preparations at the end of the Nyutabaru AB runway.

31Sqn T-4Normally based at Hamamatsu, this 31st Sqn T-4 is seen on a visit to Shizuhama AB.

13FTW T-4A 13th Flying Training Wing T-4 heads toward the takeoff point at Ashiya AB.

t-7preflightAn 11th FTW pilot carries out his pre-flight checks on the flight line at Shizuhama AB.

1TS F-15JDrawing a crowd on the Hamamatsu AB open day in November 2002 was this F-15J from the
based 1st Technical School. 


Air Development and Test Wing (AD&TW) F-2A/B, F-4EJ/F-4EJKai, F-15J/DJ,
C-1FTB,T-4, X-2, XC-2
Gifu, Gifu

The Air Development and Test Command HQ was relocated from Iruma, Saitama, in March 2014.
The two XC-2s are assigned to the Acquisition Technology and Logistics Agency (ATLA), the former Test Research Development Institute (TRDI), which comes under the Japan Ministry of Defense.

f-2gifuHaving flown for the first time on October 7, 1995, the first prototype Mitsubishi F-2A continues to be used for AD&TW test flights from Gifu AB.




2018 Airshow Dates
Feb. 18  Ashiya
Mar. 3  Komaki
Apr. 8  Kumagaya
May 20  Shizuhama
miho 2018 poster
May 27  Miho
June 3  Hofu-Kita
July 22  Chitose
Aug. 26  Matsushima
Sept. 9  Misawa
Oct. 14  Ashiya
Nov. 25  Hamamatsu
Nov. 3  Iruma
Nov. 19  Gifu
Nov. *  Hyakuri
Nov. *  Tsuiki
Dec. 2  Nyutabaru
Dec. 8-9  Naha

2017 Event Posters
Hofu-Kita / Miho
JASDF Hofu-Kita

Miho poster 2017

2019 Airshow Dates
Mar. *  Komaki
Nov. 3  Iruma

2018 Airshow Dates
Jan. 12  Narashino
 (paratroop display)
Apr. 15  Kasuminome
May 26  Kasumigaura
May 27 Kita-
June 17  Asahikawa
Aug. *  Fuji live fire
Sept. 9  Kisarazu
Sept. 29  Tachikawa
Oct. 6  Obihiro
Oct. 14  Yao
Nov. 4  Akeno
Nov. 25  Naha 

2017 Event Posters
Kisarazu / Metabaru
Kisarazu 170225

Metabaru 2017

2019 Airshow Dates
Jan. 13  Narashino
 (paratroop display) 

2018 Airshow Dates
Apr. 21  NAF Atsugi
Apr. 30  Kanoya
May 5  Iwakuni
(joint Friendship Day)
May 27  Omura
July *  Komatsushima
July 21  Maizuru
July 28  Tateyama
Sept. 16  Hachinohe
Sept. *  Shimofusa
Sept. *  Tokushima
Oct. 21  Ozuki

2017 Event Posters
Ozuki  (July children’s
event / Oct. Swell Festival)
Ozuki event July 2017

Ozuki Swell 2017

(*) Date to be confirmed

(Please note that air show dates are subject to change/cancellation.)


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