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JASDF Primary Air Unit Order of Battle

(As at January 1, 2024)

JASDF gallery F-2A trio of 6th Tactical Fighter Squadron (TFS) aircraft from what is now the
F-2A stronghold at Tsuiki AB.
(Photo: JASDF

A 301st TFS F-35A at Misawa during the first month of the reformed unit’s operations on its new
mount. The uniformly cloudy sky and light reflecting from a snow-covered airfield lend the 
image something of a CG feel.
(Photo [Jan. 15, 2021]: たてぞー via Twitter @tate_zou)

JASDF F-15J ChitoseA fine study of a 203rd TFS pilot working to bring his F-15J round in the circuit for a landing at
Chitose, where the unit has been in residence since the Starfighter era in 1964.
(Photo: JASDF)

iruma t-4A Kawasaki T-4 from the Central Air Command Support Squadron makes a low pass in
“dirty” configuration over its Iruma home base.

In December 2022, a Chitose-based T-4 was given a new tail marking to show that it
was now assigned to the 2nd Air Wing at Chitose.

(Photo [posted Dec. 1, 2022]: JASDF Chitose AB via Twitter @jasdf_chitose)

(All photographs on this website are copyright J-HangarSpace
unless otherwise stated.) 


 Northern Air Defense Force (Misawa, Aomori)
2nd Air Wing* 201st TFS F-15J/DJ, T-4 Chitose, Hokkaido
203rd TFS
3rd Air Wing** 301st TFS F-35A/T-4 Misawa, Aomori

302nd TFS F-35A/T-4
Northern Air Command Support Flt T-4

(*) 2nd AW to provide alert cover detachment to Misawa
(**) Both constituent squadrons relocated from the 7th AW at Hyakuri (see below).
       The 302nd reformed on the F-35A on Mar. 26, 2019, the 301st on Dec. 15, 2020.

F-15J JASDF ChitoseAn F-15J from the 2nd Air Wing’s 203rd TFS (nearest camera, panda tail marking) formates with an
aircraft from its sister unit at Chitose, the 201st TFS (bear’s head unit marking).
(Photo: JASDF)

JASDF F-2A armamentThe white armament panel on the side of the engine intake of this 3rd TFS F-2A will show that it is toting
short-range AAM-3 and medium-range AIM-7M Sparrow missiles on its outer and inner stations,
respectively, and a centreline 300-gallon drop tank. As the aircraft is also sporting a JASDF
60th anniversary badge on its air intake, this photo was taken in 2014.
(Photo: JASDF)

JASDF Northern Air Command T-4The Northern Air Command Support Flight flies the Kawasaki T-4. The unit has retained the tail marking,
depicting Aomori Prefecture’s Shimokita Peninsula above a stylized ‘3’ (for 3rd Air Wing),
formerly worn by 8th Sqn F-86Fs.
(Photo: JASDF) 

JASDF F-35A MisawaThe first Mitsubishi-built F-35A, which first flew on June 13, 2017, was lost in a crash on April 9, 2019,
soon after the Provisional F-35A Squadron was re-designated the 302nd Sqn.
(Photo: JASDF)

 Central Air Defense Force (Iruma, Saitama)
6th Air Wing 303rd TFS F-15J/DJ, T-4 Komatsu, Ishikawa
306th TFS
7th Air Wing 3rd TFS F-2A/B and T-4 Hyakuri, Ibaraki
Central Air Command Support Squadron T-4, U-4 Iruma

irumaf-15jA Mitsubishi-built F-15J Eagle from the Komatsu-based 303rd TFS hurtles skyward.
The F-15J equips seven front-line JASDF fighter units. 

F-15DJ KomatsuBathed in autumn sunshine, a 306th TFS F-15DJ arrives back at its Komatsu base at the end of a
training mission in October 2014.
(Photo: Andy Binks

T-4 U-4 IrumaThe Headquarters Support Flight that reported directly to Air Defense Command was renamed and
placed under local regional control in 2014. (Above) A U-4  and T-4 from what is now the Central
Air Command Support Squadron fly close to a well-known Japanese landmark.
(Photo: JASDF)
(Below) Another of the unit’s pristine T-4s at rest in an equally well-maintained hangar.
hangar t-4

 Western Air Defense Force (Kasuga, Fukuoka)
5th Air Wing 305th TFS  F-15J/DJ, T-4  Nyutabaru, Miyazaki
8th Air Wing 6th TFS F-2A/B, T-4  Tsuiki, Fukuoka
 8th TFS 
Western Air Defense Force HQ Support Flight Sqn T-4 Kasuga

JASDF Kasuga T-4A T-4 belonging to the Kasuga-based Western Air Command Support Squadron climbs out from
Tsuiki, October 2014. 
(Photo: Andy Binks)

JASDF 305th F-15J  Yokota(Above) Air brake extended, a then Hyakuri-based 305th TFS F-15J wheelies down the runway at
Yokota AFB in August 2012. 
(Photo: ‘Ken H’ via Wikimedia Commons)
(Below) A 305th T-4 pilot follows suit at Hyakuri AB. Each front-line F-15J unit also has F-15DJs
and T-4s on strength for training purposes.
(Photo [Oct. 2014]: Andy Binks)
305th Sqn JASDF T-4

JASDF Tsuiki F-2ACarrying an underwing GBU-38 Joint Direct Attack Munition (JDAM), a 6th TFS F-2A moves along
the taxiway at Tsuiki, where the unit has been based since the F-86F days of 1964.
(Photo: Andy Binks)

JASDF Misawa F-2AThis F-2A bears the black panther tail marking of 8th TFS, which became the last to convert to the type
in 2009, and a badge on its engine intake to mark the JASDF’s 60th anniversary in 2014, two years
before the unit’s move from Misawa to Tsuiki. This aircraft carries wingtip AAM-3s and four
underwing ASM-2 anti-ship missiles.
(Photo: JASDF)

 Southwestern Air Defense Force (Naha, Okinawa)
 (Renamed from Southwestern Composite Air Division on July 1, 2017)
9th Air Wing
(formed from 83rd AW
Jan. 31, 2016)
204th Sqn F-15J/DJ, T-4 Naha
304th Sqn
Southwestern Support Flt T-4

Tengu F-15J JASDFA move to Naha in January 2016 brought the 304th’s long association with Tsuiki and the 6th TFS to an
end after 38 years. Released in mid-April 2018, the 2017 figures for scrambles triggered primarily by
incursions of Chinese aircraft into Japanese airspace showed a year-on-year decrease in total from
1,168 to 904. The Southwestern ADF still accounted for the majority (477),
justifying the 304th’s move. 
(Photo: JASDF)

F-15J JASDF NahaA 204th Squadron F-15J on approach to its home base (Photo [Nov. 2014]: Tom Meikle)

JASDF Naha T-4A T-4 assigned to the Southwestern Support Flight of the then Southwestern Composite Air Division
(since July 2017, the Southwestern Air Defense Force) on short finals at Naha.
(Photo [Oct. 2014]: Andy Binks)


 Airborne Warning & Control Wing  Tactical Reconnaissance Group
 Air Tactics Development Wing   Air Rescue Wing

 Tactical Reconnaissance Group ceased Phantom operations March 26, 2020
 Air Tactics Development Wing formed August 2014

 Air Rescue Wing passed from Air Support Command to Air Defense Command control March 26, 2013.

 Airborne Warning & Control Wing* (Hamamatsu, Shizuoka) 
 Airborne Warning & Surveillance Group
                                                     (Misawa, Aomori)
601st Sqn E-2C/D Misawa, Aomori
603rd Sqn E-2C Naha, Okinawa
602nd Sqn
(reports directly to Airborne Warning & Control Wing)
E-767 Hamamatsu, Shizuoka
 * As announced in the FY2019 budget, the planned enhancement of the Airborne Warning & Control
    Group was reflected in its re-designation as the Airborne Warning & Control Wing, effective Mar. 26, 2020.

JASDF E-2C NahaThe 601st Sqn having commenced the sending of training detachments from Misawa to Naha in 2012,
the 603rd Sqn was established to provide a permanent AEW presence in Okinawa in
April 2014, six months before this photo was taken.
(Photo: Andy Binks)

JASDF E-2C MisawaA 601st Sqn E-2C close to an evening touchdown at Misawa. On December 8, 2017, the unit’s first
aircraft to be retrofitted with eight-bladed props, to provide commonality with the E-2D Advanced
Hawkeyes that began to arrive in 2019, was flight tested for the first time. Amateur YouTube 
(linkrecorded the event and, three days later, the second takeoff. (Photo: JASDF) 

Elmendorf JASDF E-767A 602nd Sqn E-767 photographed in a picturesque setting at what appears to be Elmendorf AFB in
Alaska during one of the unit’s frequent deployments to the United States for
Cope Thunder joint exercises.
(Photo: JASDF)

 Air Tactics Development Wing (Yokota, Tokyo)
Tactical Fighter Training Group
(Aggressor Squadron)
F-15J/DJ, T-4 Komatsu, Ishikawa*
Electronic Warfare Squadron** EC-1, YS-11EA Iruma, Saitama
Electronic Intelligence Squadron** RC-2, YS-11EB
 (*) Move from Nyutabaru to Komatsu completed June 2016 
 (**) Both squadrons report to the Electronic Tactics Group at Iruma

Aggressor F-15DJ 92-8070A Tactical Fighter Training Group F-15DJ Eagle shows off its upper surface ‘plumage’ at Hyakuri in late
February 2014. That was around two months before the colour scheme, which had first been applied in
July 2012, was removed and the aircraft transferred to another unit after overhaul. Now (May 2018)
back with the ‘Aggressor Squadron’, the aircraft looks like this

(Photo: ‘Cp9asngf’ via Wikimedia Commons)

F-15DJ JASDF AggressorAnother Aggressor Squadron F-15DJ takes off from Nyutabaru in October 2014. This particular aircraft
has sported the same colour scheme since around 2003 and was present at the unit’s
current Komatsu base in May 2018.
(Photo: Andy Binks) 

JASDF EC-1 IrumaThis well-lit photo serves to show the changes in the 21st Kawasaki C-1’s external appearance for its
role as the Electronic Warfare Squadron’s sole EC-1. The salient feature is its bulbous nose radome 
that houses J/ALQ-5 jamming equipment.
(Photo [Oct. 2014]: Andy Binks)

YS-11EB JASDF(Above) The JASDF uses the YS-11EB variant on electronic intelligence-gathering duties.
(Photo [2017]: Andy Binks)
(Below) Parked at Iruma next to the EC-1 and a well-hidden YS-11EB, one of a pair of YS-11EA
electronic countermeasures training aircraft provides a good camparison with the above photo. All
three YS-11s here were converted from standard transports to perform specific electronic-related tasks.
trio of YS-11s

 Air Rescue Wing (HQ: Iruma), Air Rescue Squadrons  (All equipped with U-125A, UH-60J)
Chitose, Hokkaido Matsushima, Miyagi Ashiya, Fukuoka
Akita, Akita Hyakuri, Ibaraki Nyutabaru, Miyazaki
Niigata, Niigata Hamamatsu, Shizuoka Naha, Okinawa
Komatsu, Ishikawa  Komaki, Aichi (Training Sqn)  
Helicopter Airlift Squadrons**
(All equipped with CH-47J)
Misawa, Aomori Kasuga, Fukuoka
Iruma, Saitama Naha, Okinawa
 (**) Formerly came under Air Support Command control

JASDF CH-47J(Above and below) The JASDF’s fleet of 31 Kawasaki-built CH-47J Chinook heavy-lift helicopters is
spread around the four bases at which a Helicopter Airlift Squadron is located.
JASDF Iruma CH-47J

JASDF Komaki UH-60JMainstay helicopter in service with the Air Rescue Wing detachments is the UH-60J
(above), which is
operated in conjunction with the Raytheon (Hawker) U-125A
Komaki U-125A


1st Tactical Airlift Group

401st Airlift Sqn C-130H/KC-130H Komaki, Aichi
404th Airlift Sqn KC-767

2nd Tactical Airlift Group

402nd Airlift Sqn C-1, C-2*, U-4 Iruma, Saitama

3rd Tactical Airlift Group

403rd Airlift Sqn  C-2 Miho, Tottori
405th Air
Refueling Sqn

Special Airlift Group

701st Sqn B.777-300 Chitose, Hokkaido
Flight Check Group U-125, U-680A*** Iruma, Saitama
 * First C-2 arrived Feb. 17, 2021
 ** Formed on Dec, 15, 2020, though then had no aircraft  
 *** First two of three specially adapted Cessna Citation 680As delivered March 21, 2020 

JASDF B777One of the pair of recently introduced Boeing 777-300s used by the 701st Squadron to transport imperial
and prime ministerial entourages on visits throughout the world. Having been formally commissioned
in June 1993, the unit commemorated its 25th anniversary in 2018. (Photo: JASDF)

asakac-130h(Above) One of the three 401st Airlift Sqn C-130Hs that participated in the 2013 SDF Review flypast. 
Some of the unit’s aircraft, like this one
(below) kicking up tyre smoke on landing, retain the
camouflage scheme used for operations in more temperate climes.
(Photo below: JASDF)
401st Sqn C-130H JASDF

C-1 flypast Iruma(Above and below) A formation flypast of C-1s has long been a feature of the Iruma airshow that is
traditionally held on the November 3 Culture Day national holiday. As the type has been in service
since 1971, some high-hour airframes have already been scrapped.
(Photos: JASDF)

JASDF C-1 conga

JASDF 403rd Sqn C-2A beautifully lit shot of a 403rd Airlift Sqn C-2 landing at Miho AB, which celebrated its
60th anniversary in 2018. Having received its first C-2s in March 2017, the 403rd also 
held a ceremony to mark its 40th anniversary on March 31, 2018.
(Photo: JASDF)

Komaki KC-767The JASDF received the first two of four Boeing KC-767 tanker-transports in 2008.
All are based at Komaki AB with the 404th Airlift Sqn.

JASDF U-4 IrumaThe operations that involve the 2nd TAG’s U-4 multipurpose support aircraft include the short-range
airlift of members of the imperial family, or the prime minister, on visits to other Asian countries.

JASDF T-400(Above and below) The Raytheon (Beechcraft) T-400 has been used in the multi-engine training role by
the 41st Flying Training Squadron since February 1994.
(Above photo: JASDF)

flight check u-125Seen departing from Tsuiki AB is one of three U-125s specifically acquired ready-configured for the
flight check role. Tragedy struck on April 6, 2016, when this very aircraft was involved in a fatal 
accident, confirmed to have been a controlled flight into terrain incident, near JMSDF Kanoya.

One of the three U-680As to be operated by the Flight Check Group seen on arrival at
its Iruma base in March 2020.
(Photo: JASDF/Iruma AB via Twitter)

AIR TRAINING COMMAND (HQ: Hamamatsu, Shizuoka)

1st Air Wing

31st Training Sqn T-4 Hamamatsu

32nd Training Sqn
41st Flying Training Sqn* T-400
4th Air Wing 11th Sqn (Blue Impulse) T-4 Matsushima, Miyagi
(See note below)
21st Fighter Training Sqn F-2B
11th Flying Training Wing 1st Sqn T-7 Shizuhama, Shizuoka
2nd Sqn
12th Flying Training Wing 1st Flying Training Sqn T-7 Hofu-Kita, Yamaguchi
2nd Fying Training Sqn
13th Flying Training Wing 1st Flying Training Sqn T-4 Ashiya, Fukuoka
2nd Flying Training Sqn
Fighter Training Group 23rd Fighter Training Sqn F-15J/DJ, T-4 Nyutabaru, Miyazaki
 * Declared operational after move from Miho on Oct. 29, 2021 (See Bulletin Board)
 (Note) Matsushima was extensively damaged by the tsunami on March 11, 2011.
 Away from base that day, the Blue Impulse aerobatic team was stationed at Ashiya for two years and returned to Matsushima on March 30, 2013. Due to tsunami damage sustained by its aircraft and the base closure, the 21st Sqn conducted reduced F-2 flight training operations from Misawa from April 2011.
  A ceremony marking the 21st’s return to Matsushima was held on March 28, 2016.
1st Technical School F-2A, F-15J, T-4, T-7 Hamamatsu

irumabiThree of the JASDF’s six-aircraft Blue Impulse aerobatic display team go through their routine at the
2013 Iruma air show. There were media reports that the team had been hoping to revert to coloured
smoke to mark its 20th anniversary season in 2016, but the plans came to nothing. 

F-15J 23rd Sqn JASDFAn F-15J and F-15DJ of the 23rd Fighter Training Squadron get airborne from Nyutabaru.
(Photo [Nov. 2017]: Andy Binks)

JASDF 21st Sqn F-2BOriginally delivered to the JASDF in 2002, this F-2B was one of the 13 refurbished after suffering
damage in the tsunami that struck Matsushima AB in March 2011. This was the third aircraft 
returned to service with the 21st Fighter Training Squadron, in 2015.
(Photo [Nov. 2010]: Jerry Gunner via Wikimedia Commons)

31st Sqn JASDF T-4A 1st Air Wing T-4 displaying the standard 31st Sqn tail marking of a yellow and black chequered
tail marking with blue edging beneath; 32nd Sqn aircraft have red edging.
(Photo [Nov. 2017]: Andy Binks) 

13th FTW JASDF T-4(Photo: JASDF Ashiya)

11th FTW JASDF T-7(Above) A formation from the 11th Flying Training Wing (FTW) poses for the camera over
the Pacific Ocean. (Photo: JASDF)
(Below) Three 11th FTW T-7s receive attention in the allotment-like rural setting that is the
flight line at Shizuhama. At one stage, the three short red stripes at the top of the tailfin denoted
those aircraft assigned to the 11th FTW’s 1st Maintenance Team, the blue stripes the 2nd, but a
line maintenance system has since been adopted, rendering these markings superfluous.
T-7 JASDF Shizuhama
12th FTW JASDF T-7After its customary assignment to what is now the Air Development and Test Wing at Gifu, the first T-7,
which had first flown as the T-3
Kai in July 2002, was assigned to the 12th FTW. Although the unit’s
Fuji T-3s used to have colour-coded propeller spinners, its T-7s are devoid of markings designed
to differentiate the maintenance team to which an aircraft is assigned.
(Photo: JASDF)

T-4 lineup Hamamatsu

Seen on the day of its Hamamatsu base airshow in October 2019, the F-15J at that time assigned to
the 1st Technical School.
(Photo: Arjun Sarup)   


Air Development and Test Wing (AD&TW) F-2A/B, F-15J/DJ,
C-1FTB, C-2, T-4, T-7
Gifu, Gifu
 The Air Development and Test Command HQ was relocated from Iruma, Saitama, in March 2014.
 The two XC-2s are assigned to the Acquisition Technology and Logistics Agency (ATLA), the former Test Research Development Institute (TRDI), which comes under the Japan Ministry of Defense.

F-2B JASDF GifuFirst flown as the prototype XF-2B 63-0003 on April 17, 1996, the now F-2B ‘101’ comes in for a
sedate landing at Gifu in November 2017.
(Photo: Andy Binks)

C-1FTB Gifu (1)(Above) A view of the undersides of the C-1FTB, taken at Gifu in October 2016.
(Below) First flown as the XC-1 on November 12, 1970, the C-1FTB guested at
the Miho airshow on May 27, 2018. 
(Photos: Hunini via Wikimedia Commons)
C-1FTB Miho
T-4 Gifu probeIn keeping with its test role, this 1988-vintage T-4, the sixth built, is equipped with a non-standard,
elongated nose probe.
(Photo [Oct. 2016]: Hunini via Wikimedia Commons

Gifu F-2 lineup(Photo [October 2016]: Hunini via Wikimedia Commons)


301st Sqn F-4EJThree F-4EJKai Phantoms of the 301st TFS, which was formed from a Provisional F-4EJ Phantom
Squadron at Hyakuri in 1973, returned after an absence of 31 years in 2016 and temporarily
disbanded there on December 15, 2020. The 301st relocated to Misawa and
commenced its transition to the F-35A that same month.
(Photo: JASDF)

YS-11FC JASDF One of the three YS-11FCs operated by the Flight Check Group, two of which were converted from
YS-11P transports. The structure in the background is a golf driving range of a type often seen in
in Japan, not a military installation. The last YS-11FC was retired on March 17, 2021.
(Photo: JASDF) 

JASDF F-4 formationAirborne from Hyakuri, an impressive nine-aircraft formation of Phantoms overflies the beach at
Ajigaura, Ibaraki Prefecture, around 25 miles (40 km) from base. The formation comprised 
three aircraft from each of the three final Phantom units, all of which
have now passed into history. 
(Photo: JASDF)

Gifu F-4EJ 2017Having since joined the ranks of the unemployed, this distinctive former AD&TW Phantom has been
placed on display at Gifu AB. See the January 2020 Bulletin Board story.
(Photo: JASDF Gifu)

JASDF_SAG_0011crsAfter 27 years’ service, the two B747-400s operated by the 701st Sqn officially made way for newer
equipment in the form of two B777-300s at a ceremony held at Chitose AB on March 24, 2019.
(Photo: JASDF Chitose [See Bulletinn Board entry for August 2019])

Last JASDF YS-11PThe last YS-11P was retired from service with the 403rd Sqn following a ceremony at Miho on
May 29, 2017, and immediately flown to Nagoya for display at the Aichi Museum of Flight,
as featured on this website
(link). (Photo: JASDF)





Air Shows in 2024
Jan. 20  Iruma
Mar. 3  Komaki
Mar. 24  Kumagaya
May 19  Shizuhama
May 26  Miho
June 2  Hofu-Kita
Aug. 25 Matsushima
Sept. 8  Misawa
Sept. 15  Chitose
Sept. 23  Komatsu
Oct. 6  Ashiya
Oct. 27  Hamamatsu
Nov. 3  Iruma
Nov. 17  Gifu
Nov. 24  Tsuiki
Dec. 1  Nyutabaru
Dec. 8  Hyakuri
Dec.*  Naha
* To be confirmed

Air Shows in 2023
Mar. 5  Komaki
Apr. 2  Kumagaya

May 28  Miho
May 28  Shizuhama
June 3  Nara
               (Open Day)
June 4  Hofu
July 30  Chitose
Aug. 27  Matsushima
Sept. 10  Misawa
Sept. 24  Akita
Oct. 7  Komatsu
Oct. 15  Ashiya
Oct. 29  Hamamatsu
Nov. 12  Gifu
Nov. 26  Tsuiki
Dec. 3  Nyutabaru
Dec. 10  Naha
Dec. 17  Hyakuri

Air Shows in 2024
Jan. 7  Narashino
 (paratroop display)
Apr. 6  Kasuminome
Apr. 6  Utsunomiya
Apr. 13  Somagahara
May 19  Takayubaru

June 1
June 30  Okadama
Oct.*  Tachikawa
Nov. 10  Akeno
* To be confirmed 

Air Shows in 2023

Apr. 8 Somagahara
May 27  Kita-
June 3  Kasumigaura
June 11  Obihiro
July 2  Okadama

Aug. 5  Kasuminome
Oct. 1   Kisarazu
Oct. 29  Tachikawa

Nov. 4  Akeno

Air Shows in 2024
Apr. 20  Atsugi
  (US Navy/JMSDF)
Apr. 28  Kanoya
May 5  Iwakuni
(Joint Friendship Day)
July 21  Tateyama
July 28  Hachinohe
* To be confirmed 

Air Shows in 2023
Apr. 15  Iwakuni
(Joint Friendship Day)
Apr. 22  Atsugi

Apr. 30  Kanoya
May 28 Omura
July 23  Tateyama
Sept. 2  Maizuru
Sept. 17  Hachinohe
Oct. 1  Ozuki
Oct. 21  Shimofusa
Nov. 18  Tokushima


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